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How sad, lovely animation style, but so sad.

Catchy little song.

At first I didn't really enjoy the song, but as it went on I liked it more and more. Nice work. The animation was simple, but it accomplished what it needed too. Nicely done.

Quite enjoyable!

Considering this was done in 12 hours, this is quite the enjoyable flash. I would love to see what this would have looked like had you done it over the course of a month! Really awesome work. Definitely one of the more thought-provoking Robot Day submissions. Also, I can totally relate with staying up late to work on a flash, I spent basically 12 hours today finishing my Robot Day submission.

Anyway, nice work, hope to see more from you.

RionHunter responds:

Yours was pretty good too. Though I should really put that as a review...for yours.
I've just skipped the whole night of sleep now, and am kind of bored. I might animate :P

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Very fun.

I don't play many games on NG where I become addicted, but you sir have created one. I love the visual style, and I love the gameplay. You've definitely got a winner here, and congrats on daily feature, this earned it.

moogoat responds:

Thanks a lot!

Great game!

I love it, it's fun, awesome music, funny cutscenes, it's just great. Totally worth the wait.

This deserves a higher score.

I really enjoyed this game, and I really liked the atmosphere. The music was perfect, and the visuals, although simple, were just right. 5/5, and 10/10 great game, fun and interesting.

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Whatever happened to Rebels of Memory Planet?

You never cease to amaze, but as the title says, whatever happened to the song Rebels of Memory Planet? I downloaded it when you released it, and you removed it from your profile it would seem.

Anyway, about this song, awesome work. Though I will admit, the whole "Left Right" thing gets slightly obnoxious by the end of the song. Also I think it would have been pretty cool if the "Left Right" voice had a deep robotic pitch to it, rather then being high, like it was.

Other than that, nice work! That's another one to download.

Woah?! Your back?

I see you haven't lost any of your talent in your absence!

Draze responds:

Thanks, although I certainly feel like I have, it'll be a rough ride back to the top ;)

Glad someone made it...

It was about time a song like this was made. This sums up school perfectly.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Haha yupp pretty much XD

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Absolutely awesome.

Honestly, I have no words. Just seeing my brainchild represented in someone else's style is awesome enough, but you made him look really really badass. Heh, it's times like this I feel bad for not having finished Episode 2 yet. Seriously though man, very awesome and very inspiring, I can't wait to get back to work on the series.

Thanks for making my day!

Why isn't this your user icon?

This one looks a whole lot more like you than your icon does, no offense, but the hair and face in this one is just perfect.

Woah... art?

This is new... well... nice artwork.

I don't tell you how to tell me what to do, so don't tell me how to do what you tell me to do.

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