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MST3K Fans Click Here!

Posted by Jimtopia - September 1st, 2008

I really wish I had something to update about, but I really don't.

So instead, here's what's been eating up my time lately. I discovered it from this online forum awhile back. Apprently the guys from MST3K got back together a couple of years ago and started doing this thing called RiffTrax. Basically they just watch newer movies and make fun of them in the same way they made fun of older movies. But for those of you die-hard MST3K fans who think it wouldn't be funny unless they're making fun of something older then you are, they do old movies too! I'm putting it here because, to be honest, it's really funny, and not terribly popular, it deserves more praise then it's got.

Here's some samples I found on Youtube.

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Hope you enjoy them.


Comments (8)

I lol'd. You rock man. I can't wait for the next toons of yours! ^_^

Awww, shucks! Thx. :)

I don't even know what MST3K stands for.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 of course! I seriously recommend checking it out, it's hilarious.

you can still find MST3K being streamed on winamp SHOUTcast. I admit it's cool they got back together, but nothing will ever beat the original joel, crooooooow, tom servo, and jypsy /sigh.

Of course nothing will ever beat the original, but that doesn't stop the new one from being funny.

I saw the one where Weird Al guest starred. I still miss Crow and Servo, though. :'(

I didn't really like Weird Al in that, he just wasn't that funny...

I wouldnt exactly call Rifftrax obscure, but theyre still good, if annoying to sync etc.
I love Rifftrax, but it's just not the same without the entire setting of MST3K

Yeah, it's not the same, but it's a good replacement I think.

what everyone else said about not having the setting of mst3k. but it's still good. but yeah.

But yeah...

lmfao thoses were great, i love mst3k, and those were just as good imo

IMO they're just as good too. :)

Briky101 wus here

And now Briky101 is blocked!